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About COQ

Applying highest quality components and integrating them using proven cooling technologies gained through years of experience, our oil coolers are available with a wide variety of standard options to best suit each application and offer maximum performance. And they are widely used in hydraulic stations, CNC machine tools, engineering machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery, plastic machinery, metallurgical machinery, shipbuilding industry, etc., to reduce the fluid temperature for the hydraulic system and lubrication system of the equipment.
3D finned tubes are used in heat exchangers, boiler economizers, coolers, heaters and etc. Characterized by adjustable fin parameters (including fin height/width/density), the 3D finned tubes produced by our company with unique process, are incomparable against other international enhanced heat-exchange elements in aspect of its integrated heat exchange performance. The ultra-high-performance 3D finned tubes mainly serve the famous large-scale heat exchanger manufacturers at home and abroad, which makes the user's product technical content rise to a new level, greatly reducing the cost and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Our company has professional thermal calculation, which can help customers to customize non-standard finned tubes and heat exchangers to meet the needs of various customers. If you don’t find the solution you’re looking for, let’s talk so our team of experts can create it.