Manufacturer of self-contained actuator

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♦ Q: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
A: We design and manufacture custom self-contained actuator,servo system and others

♦ Q: Your maximum pressure of self-contained actuator?
A: The maximum pressure is 25 Mpa , special one can be 40 Mpa

♦ Q: What type motor you usually choose?
A: According to different requirement about control precision,force or torque, you can choose pump control or valve control.

    * If choose pump control, we choose typically three-phase asynchronous motor.   

    * If choose valve control, we choose servo motor. 

♦ Q: Is all your self-contained actuator customized?
A: Typically self-contained actuator is customized according to different requirement. You only need to tell us your custom requirement and then we provide design drawing and produce. 

♦ Q: What installment form you provide?

A: We provide custom installment form according to user's requirement or provide according to the existing product sequence. 

♦ Q: How do I make contact with COQ after normal business hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm EST?
A: You can send email to anytime or leave message on the below. 

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.