Manufacturer of self-contained actuator

Custom Servo System
Electro-hydraulic servo system:

Application: equipement required high automation and large power

Such as : 
Butterfly Valve (OD=1.5m)


This system integrates oil-supply device,air cooler, hydraulic control module, hydraulic driving cylinder,pressurized cylinder and so on. It is supplied stable oil by using variable plunger pump of Bosch Rexroth

* Integrated Hydraulic Control Module
* Profile Buffer Cone  - Close Valve Quickly
* Custom Hydraulic Supercharging Device - 3~5 Times of System Pressure 

Fully Hydraulic Driven System:

Appication:equipment required high reliability

Such as:Ship propulsion system 


Fail-safe Feature:
If motor is over preset value, the system would quickly turn off valve within 0.3s, and protect component by cutting down fuel supply. In crucial time, hand shank equipped can interfere motor’s rotation rate by manual operation and ensure ship can arrive at port to repair
Mathematical Model: