Self-Contained Actuator

Customized self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator is available for valve, maintenance equipment, medical equipment and other equipment.

     COQ self-contained actuator is an electro-hydraulic and linear actuator which can precise control position, and it can turn on and turn off equipment accurately according to user’s process requirement.

COQ self-contained actuator has different operating model, such as single acting, double acting and quickly turn off, etc.


What components does it have?

COQ self-contained actuator mostly is made by high performance motor( asynchronous motor or servo motor), hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder(digital cylinder or servo cylinder with feedback and reset spring ), controller and others. Because of integrated actuator, it doesn’t need to be equipped with hydraulic power unit,oil circuit block,oil piping,filter and others.

The advantage of COQ integrated actuator: as told above, it doesn’t have extra components, so it has compact volume with lower costs, and can be used in place of limited space.

How to install it?

COQ self-contained actuator has reliable plug&play solution with fault protection. It’s equipped with electrical and mechanical connection, the connection of electrical wiring is extremely easy only by one network cable and one power cable, and then it starts automation.

How to precise control position?
#1 how to control?

1.Control system in actuator is connected with DCS (or other control system) through Ethernet port

2.DCS send instruction code and accepted by control system

3.Actuator starts turn on & off according to instruction code

4.Control system send feedback to DCS

#2 how to precise control?
Control system in actuator use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to precise control,  each control pulse corresponds to fixed piston stroke, we can set minimum piston stroke according to user’s requirement .  When controller emits PWM waveform with different frequency and duty ratio, the piston can operate different stroke and speed and can accurately keep at any designated position.Meanwhile, It also has good self-correction ability for the load disturbance acting on the piston.

Therefore, control system in actuator can precise displacement control.


Compact volume
Precise position control
High degree of automation
Quick response

Strong compatibility
Bigger mechanical force and torque
High reliability- independent installment without outside hydraulic disturbance
Greater safety - fire prevention
Internal cleanliness - without outside particles
Short debugging time
Easy maintenance
Lower cost of ownership and maintenance
Easy installment- plug&play
Quickly turn off within 0.3s

Technical specification

Turn-off time of whole stroke    
(Quickly turn-off )
Acting Time of whole stroke 0.5s~10s
Maxmium output Force <500kN
Voltage of Control System
(Conversion from AC)
Consumption of Control System <150W
Supply of Power System 220VAC/380VAC
Communication (Select or customized) CAN/PROFIBUS-DP/ EtherCAT
Hydraulic Cylinder Digital Cylinder/Double-acting Servo Cylinder/Spring-acting Servo Cylinder/Others
Operating Temperature <60°C(140°F)
Explosion-proof Available
IP Grade IP65
Others Customizable