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When should the cooler be cleaned?

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Update time : 2019-03-04 13:26:43
Most of the machines and equipment need to be cleaned regularly. After the cooler is running for a period of time, it must be cleaned. As for how long it takes to clean it, there are many influencing factors. There is no definite formula for reference. An example is used to roughly determine the time period during which the cooler is cleaned.

The cleaning time interval of the cooler is mainly determined by the equipment and process conditions during the production operation. Some fluids are relatively clean and do not produce a lot of dirt. They may not be cleaned once in half a year. Some fluids are easy to scale, and it is easy to produce after a period of use. Stains, so the cleaning interval is short. Cleaning agents are also provided by professional cleaning companies. First confirm the blockage caused by what medium, such as scale, salt, ferrous sulfide, sludge, ammonium salt and so on.

In actual use, the cycle of the cooler cleaning can be considered from two aspects. The first is the reduction of the heat transfer coefficient, and the second is the increase of the pressure drop. The pressure drop has a great influence on the flow rate of the cooler. Note the effect of flow on the cleaning cycle.

In summary, in order to judge the cleaning cycle of the cooler college, a test should be carried out immediately after the cooler is put into operation or after cleaning once, in preparation for the next cleaning. COQ Heat Exchangers also suggests that everyone can also carry out inspections while cleaning.
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