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Our patent! --3D Finned Tube

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Update time : 2018-04-05 14:52:00
It's unique design makes up for various defects existed in the low-rib enhanced heat transfer tube of the second generation.

Structure Characteristics:
1. Expanding the heat exchange area.  
2. Promoting the flow of fluid in the tube and increasing the heat absorption properties.
3. Promoting the air circulation outside the tube, increasing the heat dissipation area, and enhancing the heat dissipation performance.
4. Each rib is the source of disturbance, thus increasing the turbulence of the flow.
5. The fluid accelerates near the intercostal wall and reduces the thickness of the thermal boundary.
6. The fluid scours 3D ribs, and the heat transfer coefficient of fluid and rib is large.
7. The fluid makes periodic vibration.
8. The integral forming can eliminate contact thermal resistance.
9. The unique finned type structure makes the air produce whirlpool, increases the utilization of air volume and accelerates the heat transfer.

 Performance Characteristics:
1. The radiating area is bigger and wider, which is 3-6 times of ordinary smooth surface. The heat transfer efficiency increases by 3-5 times. The convective heat transfer coefficient of unidirectional flow is 2-6 times of the smooth tube. The boiling heat transfer coefficient is 2-5 times of the smooth tube. And the condensation heat transfer coefficient is 3-5 times of the smooth tube.
2. The 3D finned tube is durable, integral molding, weldless and scarless, which avoids  abscission and prolongs the service life of the cool and heat exchanger. 
3. It is safe, its unique structure of round wall tube and brazing process ensure its compressive capacity is more than 4 times higher than the rectangular tube wall structure of same type. It is also energy-saving, it can work in an environment with a relatively low temperature. Making full use of low grade energy and recycling waste heat, it can reduce atmospheric thermal pollution, achieve energy-saving and emission reduction, achieve high efficiency and reduce water consumption which decreases by 20% to 50%.
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