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Custom Servo System
Electro-Hydraulic Servo System:

Application: mainly used in the situation of high automation and high power output

Such as : 
Butterfly Valve (OD=1.5m)


This system integrates oil supply device, air cooler, hydraulic control module, hydraulic driving cylinder, booster cylinder, and other equipment. It uses variable piston pump to provide stable pressure oil supply.

* Integrated Hydraulic Control Module
* Valve Quick Closing
* Customized Hydraulic Supercharging Device - 3~5 Times of System Pressure 

Fully Hydraulic Driven System:

mainly used in the situation of high reliability

Such as:hydraulic servo system for ship



Fault Protection:
If the engine exceeds the setting range of the system, the system will quickly close the valve within 0.3s, and cut off the fuel supply to ensure the unit safety. Besides, the system is equipped with a manual operation handle, so in case of an emergency, the ship can be driven to the port safely for maintenance even by manually intervening the engine speed.

Mathematical Model: